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ACEM S.p.A. (Medical Company Division) , Italian leading in the field of surgical lamps, launches its new and revolutionary LED light OT-STARLED, a lamp that will mark a new era of illumination for the operating rooms.
ACEM state-of-the-art and reliable products are based on the revolutionary LED (light-emitting diodes) technology that gives the possibility to reach and produce a perfect illumination under every condition and on a careful analysis to improve working conditions of surgeons and medical équipe in the operating room.

OT-STARLED is provided with:
- high performance illumination for every type of surgery
- clear and sharp brightness at 160.000 lux (self-limited)
- exceptional duration ensuring easier management and safe investments for the future
- IR-free light without heat in the surgical area, on the operator’s head and around the operating area
- steady colour rendering over the time
- ACRIS®, an intelligent system patented by ACEM
- shadows reduction in the surgical field and total illumination of the surface and at depth – Brightness Adaptor
- I – SENSE®, a revolutionary control system patented by ACEM
- ergonomics for an extraordinary familiarity in use and quick and easy positioning for the medical équipe
- a range for the integration of multimedia solutions
- LIGHT – UP®, another innovative system patented by ACEM, that thanks to light beams ensures adjustable illumination levels according to different applications

The high LED technology used by ACEM has developed a IR-free light source for operating rooms to decrease the heat given out by the light head reducing as a consequence the temperature in the operating area and on the operator’s head.
The high quantity of LEDs circularly positioned and shared out into 7 groups (with 3 LEDs each one) around the handle and other 7 groups (with 7 LEDs each one) radially positioned as to the handle, represents a great news for OT-STARLED to generate a light spot from 21 cm to 1 m with 70 LEDs with a high illumination level of 160.000 lux (self-limited) and a steady life cycle of 50.000 hours.

The extraordinary and innovative combined system ACRIS®, patented by ACEM, ensures the control of electrical curves typical of LEDs by the use of a microprocessor that keep them unaltered over the time but maintaining a life cycle of at least 50.000 hours. Thanks to some special filters OT-STARLED boasts a rendering colour index of 93, a steady value over the time and a colour temperature of 5.000°K. These two values allow to reproduce the exact chromatic scale of the colours of the human body.

OT-STARLED is provided with a Brightness Adapter to distribute the LED light quantity in a more and more regular way producing a homogeneous light on the operating area.

For these reasons, ACEM has created and installed on this new lamp this device that, thanks to some obstructions detector sensors, spots surgeon’s head, shoulders or hands constantly.
The Brightness Adapter operates automatically and in a smart way reducing the LED light intensity temporarily darkened by the obstacle to intensify the beams of free areas.
The shadows generated by darkened areas are immediately diluted and compensated by the beams in illuminated areas producing a homogenous shadowless light and ensuring intensity, steadiness and reliability of illumination on the operating area under every condition.

The I - SENSE® innovative control system has been created and patented by ACEM to guarantee maximum comfort and functionality to OT-STARLED.

I - SENSE® controls adjust :

- Switching on and switching off
- Light intensity
- Light for endoscopy
- DOF –Depth of field
- Operating field focusing

I - SENSE® is an accurate, functional and easy-readable system provided with an operating parameters storage that simplifies the switching among the different operational modes (standard, automatic, ambient).

OT-STARLED has a practical and functional design. Its outstanding manoeuvrability is possible thanks to the central and lateral handles. The lamp shape is particularly suitable for laminar flows. Its structure has been studied on purpose to avoid to obstruct the air flows inside the operating room reducing considerably the turbulence areas.

OT-STARLED is provided with a standard video camera that can be integrated inside the handle in the centre of the light head or positioned on a separated arm with serial USB interface.
OT-STARLED is compatible with all ACEM video cameras and can be personalized for operating tables, trolleys or surgical lamps according to the different needs.
To rationalize service activities OT-STARLED can be supplied in combination with STARLED3 Evo lamps series, monitors and so on.

OT-STARLED suitable for surgical illumination in operating rooms is provided with the new technological LIGHT UP® system conceived by ACEM. Thanks to its special light beams it gives the possibility to adjust and regulate illumination levels according to the different applications/needs. The light beams coming out from the upper part of the light head enable to visualize distinctly the operating area maintaining the correct vision of the screen.
This kind of technology has been studied on purpose for minimally invasive surgery becoming ideal for the preparation and attendance during the operation and monitoring of patient or operations with the use of microscope.



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