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Medical LED lamp

ACEMST1 is multifunctional and versatile. In the veterinary field it is ideal for diagnostics and is suitable for each kind of examination.

The comfortable and accurate touch control panel manages all the functions of the lamp

Available colours:

It is available in the different configurations:
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Wall mounted
  • Wall mounted with extension arm
  • Table mounted
  • Rail mounted
  • Trolley mounted
According to needs, the lamp is available in two versions:

The touch panel controls the following functions of the lamp:

  • On / Off
  • Light intensity adjustment – (stepless)

Through touch control panel (or Gesture Control mode) it is possible to manage all the functions of the lamp:

  • On / Off
  • Light intensity adjustment (stepless)
  • Colour temperature adjustment (stepless)

LED technology suitable for multipurpose uses thanks to its flexibility

High light
IR-free light beam
Variable color
High Colour
rendering Index
Long life and
low power

Compact and functional design

ACEMST1  is easy to move and its double balancing system assures stability and accuracy for the whole time of use once positioned and a wide rotation and movement range. It has a smooth easy-to-clean and disinfect surface to assure an excellent cleanliness.
It is a versatile lamp available in different configurations according to needs.

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