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LED Lamp for operating room

STARLED5 NX, surgical lamp with LED technology, is born to meet the needs of its user granting optimal performances, reliability and visual comfort.

STARLED5 NX can be supplied with monitor and FHD or 4K camera in the central handle or on separate arm.

It is available in the following configurations:
  • Ceiling mounted Single
  • Ceiling mounted – twin dome
  • Ceiling mounted double in combination with STARLED3 NX


LED technology suitable for multipurpose uses thanks to its flexibility

High light
Variable color
temperature (CCT )
Sharp brightness up
to 160,000 LUX
High Colour
rendering Index (CRI)
light beam
Ergonomic and
compatible with laminar flows
control panel
Low power

LED Technology in the OP room

Cold light for long life

The 43 LEDs, which make the STARLED5 NX, are circularly positioned and divided into 5 reflectors with 7 LEDs each one and other 8 LEDs are radially placed around the handle. This allows a high light inensity level of 130,000 LUX (160.000 LUX optional) and an average life of about 60,000 hrs.

Comfortable and light to move STARLED5 NX is also practical for the medical team who can move it from the lateral handles assuring stability and constant illumination even during the movement. The design is practrical and ergonomic. The lamp shape assures visual comfort and is particularly suitable for laminar flows in the operating room.

I-SENSE Control Panel

Functions are adjusted through the innovative easy-to-read, ergonomic and easy-to-clean I-SENSE control panel available in STANDARD and V2016 version. With a simple touch it can manage easily and accurately:

  • SIZE – Light spot diameter adjustment to focus the operating area
  • ENDO – Light for endoscopy
  • DOF – Depth of field – for a deep light
  • SYNC – (optional) function to synchronize controls of combined lamps


During surgical and endoscopic interventions, image rendering is extremely important.
STARLED5 NX can be supplied with FHD or 4K camera in the central handle or on separate arm.
Filming surgical procedures in the OR is increasingly popular both for educational as for documentation purposes. Static images have made way to HD video to register special procedures or important moments during surgery.

ACEM supplies cameras that allow filming all phases of surgery and can be integrated centrally into surgical lamps (inside the handle) or on separate arm.

The camera centrally integrated in the handle ensures that the operating field is always in the camera frame.

Our cameras grant clear images, excellent quality and are ideal for:

  • Documentation of interventions
  • Video consultation during intervention
  • Broadcasts from operating rooms for educational purposes
  • Transmission of video images from the operating room



AC4K camera features the most advanced technology in the shooting and medical field.
Its 1/2.5 “Exmor R CMOS image sensor with approximately 8.5 effective megapixels (4 times that of Full HD) and a 16:9 aspect ratio takes image quality to a higher level and makes it ideal to be used in combination with wide screen monitors.
The 20x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom allow to see even the smallest details. Thanks to the automatic setting system and automatic exposure control sharp images can be obtained in all conditions.
The AC4K camera features multi-format video outputs, from full HD to 4K, while ensuring flexibility and high quality images.


The stunning module of this camera incorporates a 1/3-type HD CMOS image sensor boasting approximately two-million effective pixels and provides a 16×9 aspect ratio making it ideal for use with wide screen displays. The ACHD camera module also features multi-format video outputs of 720p and 1080p, offering both system flexibility and high quality images.
With a 10x optical zoom lens and 12x digital zoom the smallest details are displayed and thanks to the automatic focusing system and AE control sharp images can be obtained in every moment.


During surgical and endoscopic interventions, image rendering is extremely important.

According to needs the lamp can be supplied with monitor to ensure lighting system and image display of the highest level.
ACEM has monitors of great value, light weighted, compact and tested to ensure sharpness and accuracy of details during surgical intervention, to view the smallest tissue structures and colours found within the human body. 

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