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Focusable LED lamp for examination and minor surgery

ACEMSO15F is the focusable LED Examination light for diagnostiscs, minor surgery and universal applications for veterinary practices and clinics.

ACEMSO15F is provided with a touch panel to control all the functions of the lamp:

  • On/off
  • Light intensity adjustment
  • Light beam focusing
It is available in the following configurations:
  • Ceiling mounted (single, twin dome or in combination with SOLED15, SOLED15-F and STARLED3NX
  • Wall mounted
  • Trolley mounted (ABPS battery on demand)


LED technology suitable for multipurpose uses thanks to its flexibility

High light
IR-free light
Light beam
Variable color
temperature (CCT) of 4500 K
High Colour
rendering Index (CRI)
Long life and
low power

Practical and functional design

ACEMSO15F grants a uniform distribution of light and can focus the light beam with a perfect illumination both on the surface and in depth providing the operator with the best working conditions.

ACEMSO15F has a round shape that makes it handy and functional both in use and move. Its easy-to-move structure is suitable for diagnostics, test labs and dental surgery. It is provided with an easy-to-grip removable and sterilizable handle.

ACEMSO15F can be supplied with ABPS (optional).

ABPS Rechargeable battery powered system on trolley 

ACEMSO15F can be supplied with ABPS (optional), a rechargeable battery powered system which supplies efficient light for every condition of use:

  • Emergency situations
  • Critical regions
  • Humanitarian interventions
  • Case of sudden black-outs
  • No electrical power supply
  • Field hospitals without UPS or power generators

The lamp with ABPS has the same performance.
The structure which covers and protects the battery is made of resistant plastic.
The control panel on the structure allows managing: residual charge, type of power supply, recharge status and electrical power supply presence.

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