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LED surgical lamps

ACEMST35/57 lamps ensure a perfect illumination of small and large operating fields producing a white, warm or cold, brilliant, uniform, shadow-free and long-lasting light. The use of ACEMST35/57 is simple and user-friendly. Sturdy, but easy to move, they have a compact design that makes them compatible with the laminar flows in the operating room. The smooth and continuous surface facilitates cleaning operations while the plastic material used for the light emitting surface is high performing and resistant.

ACEMST35/57 are equipped (on demand) with Automatic Sanitizing Program (ASP), an innovative function that allows to sanitize the environment in which they are used. The program uses special emitters which allow the “illuminated” surfaces to be sanitized.

They are available in the following configurations:
  • Ceiling mounted single
  • Ceiling mounted  in combination  (ACEMST35 e ACEMST57)
  • Ceiling mounted
    (twin dome)

LED technology suitable for multipurpose uses thanks to its flexibility

High Light
and Deep Lighting
Optimal Color
Adjustable Color

LED Technology in the OP room

Perfect illumination in any situation

ACEMST35 it features 84 LEDS distributed into 21 clusters ensuring optimal illumination in every operating room.

ACEMST57 it features 140 LEDS distributed into 35 clusters ensuring optimal working conditions and visual comfort in the operating room.

The latest generation technology of ACEMST35/57 is highly performing and guarantees optimal lighting conditions for any type of surgery and tissue to be treated

The lamps are operated through  STANDARD or PREMIUM (optional) Touchscreen control panel or Gesture Control mode (on demand). The design is practical and ergonomic; they are compact, resistant, easy to use and clean.

Standard Control Panel

Cypress capacitive technology allows to manage all the functions of the lamp with a simple touch, adjusting:

• LI – Light Intensity

• CT – Colour Temperature

• SS – Spot Size

• ELM – Endo Light Mode – Green light, specific for endoscopic procedures

• LDE – Light Depth Enhancement – Light enhancement in the center of the beam ideal for in-depth surgery

• ASM – Automatic Shadowless Mode – Shadow-free light

• FALM – Full Auto Light Management – Shadow-free light beam with constant light intensity and spot size, regardless of the working distance, ideal for the operating room

• DWS – Device Wireless Synchronization – Single Control for all the devices on the same network (MASTER/SLAVE Lamp or REMOTE Control Unit)

Premium Control Panel (optional)

The following programs are added to the functions of STANDARD control panel:

• CAM – Videocamera – Adjusts the functions of the video camera connected to the lamp (if present)

• ASP – Automatic Sanitizing Program – Program for the sanitization of “illuminated” surfaces using special emitters that automatically calculate the time and/or power (DOSE) of energy necessary for sanitization (optional)


During surgical and endoscopic interventions, image rendering is extremely important. ACEMST35/57 can be supplied with FHD or 4K camera in the central handle or on separate arm.
Filming surgical procedures in the OR is increasingly popular both for educational as for documentation purposes. Static images have made way to HD video to register special procedures or important moments during surgery.

ACEM supplies cameras that allow filming all phases of surgery and can be integrated centrally into surgical lamps (inside the handle) or on separate arm.

The camera centrally integrated in the handle ensures that the operating field is always in the camera frame.

Our cameras grant clear images, excellent quality and are ideal for:

  • Documentation of interventions
  • Video consultation during intervention
  • Broadcasts from operating rooms for educational purposes
  • Transmission of video images from the operating room



AC4K camera features the most advanced technology in the shooting and medical field.
Its 1/2.5 “Exmor R CMOS image sensor with approximately 8.5 effective megapixels (4 times that of Full HD) and a 16:9 aspect ratio takes image quality to a higher level and makes it ideal to be used in combination with wide screen monitors.
The 20x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom allow to see even the smallest details.
Thanks to the automatic setting system and automatic exposure control sharp images can be obtained in all conditions.
The AC4K camera features multi-format video outputs, from full HD to 4K, while ensuring flexibility and high quality images.


The stunning module of this camera incorporates a 1/3-type HD CMOS image sensor boasting approximately two-million effective pixels and provides a 16×9 aspect ratio making it ideal for use with wide screen displays. The ACHD camera module also features multi-format video outputs of 720p and 1080p, offering both system flexibility and high quality images.
With a 10x optical zoom lens and 12x digital zoom the smallest details are displayed and thanks to the automatic focusing system and AE control sharp images can be obtained in every moment.


During surgical and endoscopic interventions, image rendering is extremely important.

According to needs the lamp can be supplied with monitor to ensure lighting system and image display of the highest level.
Acem Medical Company has monitors of great value, light weighted, compact and tested to ensure sharpness and accuracy of details during surgical intervention, to view the smallest tissue structures and colours found within the human body. 

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